Two Day Dig

Program Overview
Thank you for inquiring about our two day digs! Join us and the staff from the Morrison Museum for a uniquely educational experience. Your time will be spent with us delving into the science of paleontology. Participants will learn basic skills for fossil collection, and gain the background knowledge that Paleontologists use to interpret these fossils. No prior experience is necessary for the beginner digs.  At least one prior dig with us is required for the intermediate digs.  These digs are perfect for the paleontology enthusiast to get a taste of field work experience.

The goals of our dig programs are as follows:
To introduce techniques of fossil collection, preparation, and stabilization by allowing participants to take part in field collection and in the fossil preparation lab.
To present the basic academic knowledge Paleontologists use to find and interpret fossils and rocks through field and classroom instruction and activities.
To compare and contrast the paleo-environment between the multiple sites and the fossil periods we study.

What to Expect
Your two days will be spent experiencing Wyoming’s natural history.  We have many options and like to design our outings around our vacationist’s interests and goals.
Director’s of Paleontology Sean Smith and Matthew Mossbrucker will be your instructor’s along with field personnel that are present to guide and help you wherever necessary. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, so be prepared to stimulate your mind.

About Wyoming Environment
Our area is considered high, short grass plains, with semi-arid environment. Our weather is highly unpredictable and you should be prepared for temperatures up to 100 degrees during the day, and cool nights. The elevation in Glenrock is 5,009 feet, so be aware that the air is thinner and sun more intense at higher elevations. Participants should be able to walk up to 2 miles on uneven, hilly terrain. You should also expect to bend, sit and stoop for long periods of time. We recommend children be at least in middle school, for the interest, physical ability and attention span required. Of course, high school and college students are given more challenging sites and tasks, and can learn a great deal about paleontology.

Cameras and Fossils
Cameras are welcome and encouraged to record your experience with us. Wyoming is famous for its spectacular scenery and wildlife. You will likely see deer and antelope as well as a variety of birds and other wildlife.
Since the Glenrock Paleon Museum is an education and research facility, it is important that all identifiable fossils found at the dig sites remain with the museum for further study. The selection of dig sites and length of time spent at any site depend on many things, weather primary among them, and are at the sole discretion of the Paleon staff member directing the dig.

Cost and booking
The cost for your two day experience is $300.00 per person which includes local transportation.
Please contact the Morrison Museum at 303-697-1873 or go to their online registration at to book your dig.
We are excited that you are considering allowing us to show you the fascinating world of Paleontology. We look forward to teaching you about Wyoming’s natural history, while showing you a behind the scene and hands on look at the excavation and preparation of the fossils we find. We certainly hope you will join us for this out of the ordinary experience.