Plan Your Visit

The Paleon Museum is located at 506 West Birch Street in Glenrock, Wyoming.   It is 24 miles (24 mins.) east of Casper, WY. We are just 2 miles off of I-25, use Exit 165.   The museum is a  fun and educational side trip on your way to Yellowstone Park, the Tetons or to Denver, Colorado.

Museum Visitors

Visitors are welcome anytime during our Museum Hours.

Restaurants   Glenrock, Wyoming

  • Classic Cafe and Pizza – 201 S 4th, 307-436-2244. (Excellent burgers)
  • Paisley Shawl & Hotel Higgins – 416 W Birch, 307-436-9212

Accommodations     Glenrock, Wyoming

  • Hotel Higgins – 416 W Birch      307-436-9212
  • Mabuhay Motel – 302 W Birch      307-436-5468

Other Resources

  • Glenrock, Wyoming – the town’s website.
  • The Rock in the Glen – west side of Glenrock, ask at the Paleon, see above two sites. (Pioneer inscriptions, and 70 million year old shark teeth)
  • The Glenrock Deer Creek Museum – 935 W Birch, 307-436-2810. (Great early Americana displays)
  • Mountain Memories – Turtle Rock Ranch visits and overnights.